The Failures and Futures of Neoliberalism

Neoliberalism, the idea and practice of globalised, deregulated markets,
state privatisation and corporate consumerism faces multiple crises: physical and social pressures from a worsening climate change; economic nationalism allied toright-wing populism and, in 2020 the chaos caused by the Covid19 pandemic.

This site draws on the analyses
and prescriptions of the 2018 book ‘Alternatives to Neoliberalism’ to identify and publicise political strategies and economic shifts to replace the oligarchic corporate and governmental brokers of neoliberalism with participatory democracy to replace ‘top’ down governance and market forces. The key principles of this perspective are:
* fundamental rights to a basic income, housing and health care
* a right to equal participation in local and national governmental decisions
* the decentralisation of political and economic decision-making to citizens and workers in firms, public bodies and communities.
* an economy that prioritises the human and natural lifeworlds above financial gain and goals.