Alternatives to Neoliberalism (ATN) was edited by Bryn Jones and Mike O’Donnell: social scientists; with long-standing interests in and experience of community and radical politics.

The published alternatives originated in a seminar at the University of Bath in 2015 to commemorate the life of the late Frank Longstreth former civil rights activist and political scientist. It bought together political economists (Grahame Thompson; Karel Williams) with policy advocates (Anna Coote; Andy Cumbers), political sociologists (Ted Benton, Jeremy Gilbert; Jones and O’Donnell) as well as social policy researchers (Emma Carmel and Theo Papadopoulos). To this diverse core of experienced observers, contributions were subsequently added from Colin Crouch, a veteran analyst of European political economy and social policy experts, Kevin Farnsworth and Zoe Irving. (Academic pressures prevented Carmel and Papadopoulos from converting their papers to book chapters.)

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This site aims to  build on and complement the ideas in ATN to inform both radical and mainstream politics, especially in the UK.

There are links to related debates on the significance and impact of the Brexit process and Corona emergency,
for the future of neoliberalism.